Employee Policies

Employee policies and guidelines and a company handbook are essential documents to create for any business, including small ones.  All employees and management have a set of written rules. It makes you aware of will solve any confusion as well as provide expectations. There are some policies that are standard and should be addressed within every company.

So, starting off, it is important to recognize that employment is at-will. It means that both the employee and employer possess the right to terminate employment. This is important for employees, as they must not contractually obligate to remain at a specific job if they do not wish to. Next, payroll information must include explaining how the pay period works. Only allow meal or other breaks, and overtime qualifications.

Another policy topic that should address deals with time off. It is important for employees to know how they can request off, how many vacation and sick days they have available, how paid holidays work, and more. Next, general conduct rules should also be set in place to account for what is expected regarding employee policies such as dress code and how employees are required to interact with clients. Lastly, one of the most important policies to include is anti-discrimation policies.

Establish a few members of the company who can be responsible for managing these sorts of complaints confidentially. It is advisable to require employees to read the company’s policies and sign that they are aware and understand them.

By Kelly Mallari

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Date: April 21, 2019

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