Do you have a new business idea but are struggling to sell it to investors? How you pitch a product or service can play a massive role in securing funding and winning over customers. Below, you will find advice about perfecting your elevator pitch from five successful founders.

Jose Montero and Christen Montero

These siblings suggest opening your pitch with a problem. You want to break the ice while also grabbing the attention of the audience. It can be done by opening with a problem. Your audience can envision how your product/service can help them solve the problem. They also advice considering who your audience is. While there will not be much variance in your pitch, taking into consideration who you are pitching to can help you appeal to different target audiences.

Allison Liddle

Liddle, a speaker and bestselling author, focuses on diction and wording in her pitches. She suggests paying attention to which words resonate with the audience, in order to learn their language. Creating a pitch that is concise and clear can help factor out questions that can linger and distract from what you are saying. She also highlights the importance of imagining yourself in the ideal client’s shoes to understand and explain how your product or service can help them solve their problems.

Jan Bednar

If you are searching for funding, Bednar suggests including relevant numbers in your pitch. Although numbers are one thing that can lose the attention of your audience, it is important to use numbers in an innovative way to maintain their attention and still communicate important information. Bednar, like many others, advises to change your pitch based on the audience, and he also believes that you need to show your potential investors a look into their future with you.

 Gene Swank

Swank stands behind the idea that great storytelling has the biggest impact on the success of your pitch. He suggests using real-world examples and unique situations to demonstrate how the product or service can improve a customer’s quality of life. Beginning your story with a hook is also important, as Swank believes that “if you don’t catch your audience’s attention within the first 30 seconds, you will lose them.”

Seth Casden

Casden believes that a good pitch can only be created when you understand and highlight the uniqueness of your business. He believes that it is important to understand the core mission of your company, your audience, your strengths, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Highlighting these factors in a pitch is crucial for all of Casden’s pitches. He is also a proponent of changing, shifting, and adapting your pitch to fit the audience and environment you are in.


Source Author: Rhett Power

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