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There are many unlikely success stories when it comes to building a business. Many of these businesses had the odds stacked against them from the beginning. In this article, Steffen discusses his own personal experience of starting his own business. When he was only 21, he was able to start his own company with little to no cash. This is the premise of the article, which is very encouraging in its own right. I believe he is trying to make the point that it is possible to start a business, despite the odds that might be against you. In this article, he shares 10 tips that are designed to help a prospective business owner to start a business without investing much.

I really enjoyed reading this article, and I particularly liked tip #1, clarify your concept. Steffen mentions this important point, “Chance are, you’ll find a number of holes in your initial strategy that you’ll have time to think through and solve – which you will want to do before you spend a dime on anything anyway.” This is particularly important advice, and I love the positive attitude that Steffen uses in this article. It is definitely worth a read. My favorite line of his is, “There are a ton of things you can do to build your company without any money. In fact, you can get pretty darn far with just internet access, time and a clear vision.”

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Source Article written by Travis Steffen: “10 Tips for Building a Business With Little or No Cash”