Work from Home

In 2020, the world has experienced a new virus, the coronavirus, that has affected every country. Originating in China, the virus made its way to the United States in March. When the number of hospital visits began increasing. Schools, businesses, and other public places countrywide were suddenly forced to cease in person operations. During these uncertain times of staying home and higher unemployment rates, it may seem impossible to begin a new business yourself; however, you may possess skills that are sought out by others and Start a Work from Home Business.

Brainstorm skills and services you could potentially market. Such as teaching a software program to people online. Creating and selling art pieces, and cooking meals for families. Next, come up with a name for your business and create a business page on Facebook as well as other social media platforms to get your name out in the world. Starting by telling friends and family and asking them to refer you to others will help to spread the word about the services you have to offer. Other ideas of businesses that can be managed online include online school tutoring, online babysitting, and virtual assistance.

By Kelly Mallari

Author: Holly Hurd

Date: May 4, 2020

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