You may not know just how important the visual aspects of your blog or company website are until you learn about visual strategies. Everything from color to shape, to size can have a psychological influence on your viewers. The way your audience decodes the visual content will determine if their attention is caught or lost. 


The average time it takes for a person to evaluate and decipher a visual image is two to five seconds. It is these two to five seconds that make or break your grab on the audience’s attention. First impressions mean everything. That is why it is essential to follow these three simple rules when using visual strategies to enhance your website.


First, is a rule called “form follows function.” The function is your objectives and who is your target audience. Form can be analyzed both objectively or subjectively depending on income, ethnicity, gender, and context.


Second, K.I.S.S. or “keep it simple stupid.” Don’t make your website confusing or cluttered. If your audience has to think for too long then you will lose their attention. Do not be afraid to use white space on your website.


Third, think about your objectives and how effective your site will be at displaying them. Is your objective to look professional? Then maybe using a squiggly font and colorful words is not the best idea. Go for something more sleek and polished. Relaxed and cool tones will help accomplish business-looking goals.


Following these three rules and taking a look at what other businesses similar to yours are doing on their websites will help you design the perfect style.


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