email marketing

Email marketing has been around since the 90s, but it is changing just as rapidly as any other feature of technology. Email marketing can help you reach a unique audience that may not be reached by any other forms of marketing. Whether you use an email service provider or do it yourself, there are important features that will make your efforts more effective.

Segments and Tag

By creating segments within your email list, you are able to understand the different interests and needs of your audience. One way to do this is by providing a welcome email with a link to a special deal. To earn the deal, they could complete a short survey that answers some questions about their interests. This will allow you to separate your consumers into different groups and allow you to send relevant information to the correct segment.

Automations and Sequences

By automating your email marketing, you will be able to save time and resources in the future. You can create an email campaign that sends several automated emails when you schedule them to send. This allows you to reach your whole email list, while also providing them with a lot of resources and information.

Landing Pages

Landing pages can help communicate all of the necessary information regarding a certain product or service that is being offered on one page. By using a landing page, you can provide the consumer with any information they may need and attract new people.


By integrating your emails with other programs and features, you can leverage more of an audience. By using integration to connect a feature of your business with your email marketing campaigns, the opportunities are endless.  Many common integration techniques can track ROI, making it easier to understand the different metrics of your campaign. Being able to track ROI can also allow you to analyze the strength of your campaign and change and adapt to strengthen them in the future.

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Author: Chonce Maddox