Pillars of Company Culture

There are four primary pillars that relate to company culture – compensation, communication, socialization, and physical space. Individually, each pillar can have an immense impact on the culture of your company. But in collaboration with each other, they make up the culture of your company. When many people think about culture, they think about the big picture things. But don’t always realize that culture is present in the little things too.

Pillar 1

The first pillar is compensation, and in other words, it means benefits and perks. While money can be a driving factor in deciding to take a job or not, the benefits that come with it are a primary reason people will stay or leave. Taking your business’ mission and values into consideration, you can offer benefits that reflect the core principles of your business. Benefits that invest in physical health, support personal growth and focus on purpose show your employees they are valued within your company.

Pillar 2

The second pillar, communication, focuses on more than just effective communication in an organization. It also relates to creative and innovative thinking and efficient working. In general, this pillar deals with continued learning as individuals and an organization as a whole. To encourage learning in your culture, you can write an employer value proposition, examine your diversity and inclusion practices, create regular learning opportunities, and re-examine how you give and receive feedback.

Pillar 3

Socialization, the third pillar, focuses on building community and promoting positive social interaction within the company. There are a variety of ways this can be done on both large and small scales. Celebrating life events, volunteering together, creating interest groups, and getting out of the office as a group are all ways to cultivate your community. Hence, the pillars will strengthen your company culture. Even if your business is now working remotely, hosting times for small breaks and activities can keep everyone connected and provide a small sense of normalcy.

Pillar 4

The fourth pillar is physical space, relating to the environment that your employees are in. Ensuring that your practices are lining up with the culture you are trying to promote is very important. Investing in the right equipment and tools and considering the layout of the space are two ways to help empower your employees in whatever physical space they are in.

Source: https://www.business2community.com/workplace-culture/how-to-create-a-strong-company-culture-tools-tips-and-examples-02326722 Source Author: Katy French

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