While 2020 disappears into the distance don’t forget the lessons it has taught us. Take those lessons and use them to come into 2021 even stronger. The pandemic may not be completely over, but we have witnessed other organizations find ways to improve amongst COVID-19. Language services might not be recognized with the same respect it deserves, but it is time to display their value and benefits not only to organizations but the world. 


Canceling language services to save money in a difficult situation will cost a business more money than what it saves. Removing language service can unravel years of work to develop international markets. Business leaders may believe that everyone speaks English, especially if you work in a technical area. But even customers who are fluent in English prefer content in their first language. Instead of cutting language services, view it as an investment that produces far better results. If you think of language services as an investment you will make far better decisions that improve your global market.


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