Data-Driven Marketing

Recognizing how customers interact with a company is crucial to forecasting their behavioral patterns in the future. This is important for a company. Hence, it helps in data driven marketing toward specific groups of potential customers to maximum their revenues.

As time has progressed from malls being the only source to purchase goods. It was easy to discern the preferences of customers in such a small group of people. But now, the internet is widely accesible for making purchases and is able to reach customers globally. But it makes it difficult to understand who to focus on marketing to. However, collecting data on customers will help to recognize purchasing patterns as well as create a personal customer experience.

Data-driven marketing is used to analyze trends found in companies to be able to make the best business decisions. Therefore, determining as many demographics as possible about customers will provide the most information for how to market to them. Using data from a company’s own customers or from the industry itself is highly beneficial to comprehending who exactly the customers are and why they choose to do business with you.

Overall, data-driven marketing will end up saving money for a company by analyzing past trends and shaping future marketing strategies to target those specific segments. But one issue that may arise while utilizing is that creativity may be forfeited by focusing on data collection. However, these two strategies of creativity and data collection should work together for an integrated method of marketing. Small businesses will find success by using data-driven marketing to reach their goals of targeting to specific audiences.

By Kelly Mallari

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Date: June 8, 2019

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