International marketing

International Marketing Aspects:

International marketing is the practical application of marketing conventions by industries at a global level.

1. More than half of Google searches goes to outside of the United States.

That means that your material may not reach a large portion of your audience. If you do not carefully broad your content to include international users, it will not included in search results.

2. Customers respond more positively when content is in native language.

Many internet users would prefer to spend time on websites and media that were in their native tongue. They considered buying products from a company that catered to them and even spending more on it because it spoke to them.

3. Clearer message

Some English terms may look very similar to other terms in that language that do not represent the original message. For example, the word ” embarrassed” looks similar to “embarazada,” a word in Spanish that means pregnant. Only having your content in English can confuse people.

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