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To learn a new language when you’re young is easy. You absorb loads of information like a sponge, and with the structure of school and tests, it makes it effortless. As adults with a busy life and no threat of getting a bad grade in a class, it makes learning a language more difficult. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you are on track.

Analyze and repeat patterns: No need to study grammar books. Simply use it in everyday questions. When someone asks you something, repeat it back to them. Listening to it back makes your brain remember what they said.

Track your learning: To learn a new language is much like losing weight. When you’re just starting out, it may not seem like much and you may feel frustrated. When looking back on your progress, you will discover that you improved vastly.

Don’t give up: There will be times when you feel awful because you could not remember a certain word or translated something incorrectly. Don’t let a minor setback hold you back.

Find your learning style: Remember how people study affects how much progress you will make. Some people are visual learners and need pictures, others are audio learners and can use music instead. Find what works for you.


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