Motivations behind language learning

John Schumann, a linguistics professor at UCLA, developed a theory called ‘the interactional instinct’. “The interactional instinct” is the theory that children become naturally motivated by attaching themselves to their caregivers and are motivated to main language learning by being around the same species.

By the same token, people who learn their primary language tend to have integrative motivation. While people learning a second one tend to have instrumental motivation.

Instrumental motivation is learning for more practical reasons. Such as getting a job or passing a class in school.

The reason there are more successful English learners is because there is more material, and thus can socialize with each other through common interests.

For native English speakers hoping to learn a foreign one, one must develop integrative motivation so that it goes beyond just grades and job positions. It is more beneficial and satisfying when language learners learn with the enjoyment of interacting with the culture.

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Source author: Lauren Razavi

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