Stages of Language Learning

Stage 1. Beginner to Elementary (0 to 6 months) You’re very enthusiastic to start learning and you have lots of energy and time to devote to your new skill. You will make progress very quickly, however this does not last.

Stage 2. Elementary to Pre-Intermediate (6 months – 1 year): Now that the initial excitement as worn off, things have started to progress a little harder. You have to decide whether you want to keep struggling to learn or give up immediately. Progress slows down and you may feel frustrated. Think of it as a labor of love instead.

Stage 3. Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate (2 – 3 years); After all that perseverance, you’ve finally made it. You now understand the basics of grammar and improved vastly in your language learning. Try to have many conversations with lots of real people in the language to practice.

Stage 4. Upper Intermediate and Beyond (3 years +): Eventually over time, you’ll start to know the language fluently. The more you enjoy it and emerge yourself in the culture, the better you become. Since there is no “study time” anymore, you get to learn how to use the language into everyday life without needing to go over it in the books.



Source author: Rob Ashby

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